Your role as a Manager

Your role as a Manager

Hello Managers.

At Tydy, we believe that for a new hire, you are the most important person in the organization.

A new hire wants to spend a lot of time with you, learn from you on how to succeed in the role, and also impress you with their skills and talent. To that end, we always encourage managers to be available for their team members and have regular online and offline check-ins around a variety of topics—role, company culture, onboarding, settlement, projects, roadblocks, performance expectations, team culture, etc.


Your Goal

Primarily, your goals as a manager during the onboarding period should be to share knowledge, build relationships, and provide feedback. Additionally, you should:

  1. Introduce the Company Culture: Leverage your role and help new hires imbibe company's culture and stay with you and the organization for a longer period of time

  2. Put them on a path to productivity: Help them become productive members of the team and eventually leaders

  3. Coach them to succeed: Identify your new hires strengths and development areas and provide personalized coaching and feedback


For Your Attention

In order to succeed in your role, please be aware of these common impediments:

  • Passive managers do not know their teams very well and interact with their team members only when it is essential

  • Some managers think onboarding is not their job but that of HR 

  • Some managers are always all about the job - a little bit of casual engagement can go a long way in relationship building

  • Some managers do not coach but are quick to criticize - understand the difference and choose the former option


How you can use Tydy

Tydy empowers managers like you to do your job better at various stages of an employee's journey. Here are some of our suggestions:


  1. Greet your new hires: Start building a relationship with new hires before they join —shoot a quick question to know if they have any concerns about their first day, or a message to tell them how excited the team is or what can they expect on the first day

  2. Get to know them personally: Share anecdotes about your own career and life as a message, set up some ice-breakers as tasks, inquire about their aspirations through a short survey, and get to know more about their families, and their interests outside of work


  1. Help them in their development: You can do this via sharing relevant pieces of content through messages, or assign tasks around some of their development areas which you might have identified so far

Ongoing Engagement

  1. Keep them informed: Use Tydy to share relevant messages aligned to your new hires’ personal and company goals. Keep everyone informed about any developments in the team or organization by sharing those as messages on the platform

  2. Get Ideas & Suggestions: Make sure you give your employees a chance to share their individual thoughts and ideas. Use Tydy to call for ideas or suggestions about certain topics, projects or initiatives within your team or company.

Feedback & Engagement

  1. Receive Monthly Feedback: Every month ask different questions at different stages of your new hires' journey. It could start with gauging their sentiment or generic engagement questions, feedback questions about their role, teams, organizational changes. Once you get this feedback, it is very important to make sure you follow up on it.



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