What are Journeys?

What are Journeys?

Journey as already mentioned is an Employee Onboarding tour which is Unique and needs to be Personalized.

Employee onboarding Tour is the process by which a new employee is introduced to their new organization and integrated into its culture, values, and practices. It  involves a series of activities that help new employees become familiar with the organization, their role, their colleagues, and the expectations and responsibilities associated with their job.

Journeys help us to build unique Tour in the form of content and specifically Automate them.

Getting Access to create journeys:

  • After login to Tydy with an admin account, check if you have access to Journeys by checking if your navigation has the 'Journeys' tab. If not you need to request access, refer to the image below.

  • The access you have to Tydy is based on your role and responsibilities within your organization.

 Steps to follow if you don’t have access:

1. Connect with the HR/ IT team for access  responsible for Tydy within your organization.

2. Re- login to check if additional features are added at your control center, refer to the image below.

Learn to View Journey though the below video

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    Track your Employees

    Your insights dashboard empowers you with real-time data about what's happening with employees at different stages in their journey and how they are being engaged on the platform

     Know more at Understanding Insights !