Vendor activities : Initiating a 'claim case' and raising insufficiency

Vendor activities : Initiating a 'claim case' and raising insufficiency

Vendor activities play a crucial role in the Background Verification (BGV) process of an organization for several reasons. Vendors often specialize in conducting thorough and reliable checks, bringing expertise and efficiency to the verification process.

Below, we start by demonstrating how vendors carry out their activities in Tydy.

In the image below, you can observe the overview dashboard, displaying the current status of cases, a list of unclaimed cases, and active BGV agents.

Navigate to the "Cases" section, locate the candidate, and click on the three dots in the corner to access and view the case details.

Prior to claiming the case, the vendor can review the forms and documents submitted by the candidate. These documents encompass the forms and essential documents uploaded by the candidate, and the vendor will meticulously examine them.

When the vendor initiates the case claiming process, they are required to input the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for completing the case along with the 'case identifier number'.

Raising Insufficiency 

Raising insufficiency refers to the action of flagging or reporting the inadequate or inaccurate information.
This process involves bringing attention to the deficiency in the data and and ensure correction for accuracy and completeness .

After the vendor examines the candidate's forms and documents, they might encounter incorrect information and are required to raise an insufficiency.

An option exists to provide the reason for raising an insufficiency, allowing the candidate to take appropriate action based on the feedback.

The vendor is now authorized to proceed with document approval. If the vendor requires additional details from the candidate, they have the option to raise insufficiency at any point. To navigate through the checks, choose "Advance Update."

After the vendor confirms the accuracy of candidate information, they can proceed to update the status of approved forms and documents. This involves selecting the appropriate coloured update, such as the "Green" option shown in the image below, and adding the date of the status update. This colour indicates that the information provided by the candidate is deemed correct.

After completing all necessary checks and updating the status, the vendor can proceed by uploading the final report for the background verification check of the candidate. This involves adding the date and providing the necessary explanation.

The background check for this candidate has now been completed.

Here is a video tutorial to assist you in navigating through Vendor-related activities and successfully completing the background verification process for the candidate.

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