Your insights dashboard empowers you with real-time data about what's happening with employees at different stages in their journey and how they are being engaged on the platform.


The tab provides you comprehensive insights into your company, campaigns, and employees. With powerful data about your employees, managers, recruiters, and campaigns at your disposal, you now have to simply act on it and make decisions that help you to engage and retain your employees.

Here are some key features of our insights:

  • Real-time: Gone are the days where you get reports with complex metrics and graphs only when you request it. Tydys' insights are always available online with the most up-to-date stats that matter. 

  • Proactive Signalling: Data can only help when one can add a layer of meaning to the underlying data. On Tydy, behavioral data is constantly tracked and translated to signals such as employees slipping away or becoming inactive, etc.. These are powerful indicators of probable employee behavior and empower HR teams with information to initiate specific actions to review, reward or retain employees before it is too late.

  • Measure Manager & Recruiter Success Rates: Along with monitoring progress and performance of employees, Tydy's insights allow you to keep a tab on managers and recruiters as well who play a major role in any employee's success in an organization. 

  • Track Employee Engagement: Engaged employees are happier employees and they are also the ones that perform better. By understanding how employees interact with specific content (participation in questions vs. content), and behave (response time, device used, etc.) on Tydy we can create more engaging campaigns. In the long run this helps in getting to know what makes your employees tick, better. 

  • Monitor Your Campaigns: Content is the backbone of Tydy. Companies are careful about choosing the content that needs to be delivered. With Tydy's insights, you are always aware of how successful each campaign is, its average completion and engagement rates. This allows you to edit, update, or delete campaigns before it is too late.


The Insights section is made of a few sub-sections:


The Highlights tab provides you with the highest level of information about the activity of your company on Tydy. This includes a snapshot of a number of employees on the platform and the various stages they are at in their journey as employees. This is also where you can show signals of behavior that help admins take action. We currently show 3 employee signals: Haven't Logged In Ever, Slipping Away, and Inactive. Also included on this page is the ability to scroll down to get a quick summary on the campaigns such as active campaigns, employee reach and average completion rate.


The primary way for us to track employee engagement is by tracking responses to the content delivered to them via campaigns. We can track engagement over a period of time through campaigns or for individual campaigns. The two key stats on the Campaigns tabs are average completion rate and average engagement rate with respect to all the ongoing campaigns on the platform. As you scroll down, you can also view stats for every single campaign launched on the platform.


Everything we do revolves around the people who work at the company. You can dive deeper into understanding each employee's journey and performance on the platform. With vital stats like last active, the number of pending levels, and content pieces, you are in a powerful position to understand when and where you started to lose an employee and can take necessary steps to re-engage employees that are slipping away.