Completing Tydy forms by sharing Requested Information.

Completing Tydy forms by sharing Requested Information.

At your dashboard you can find a demo form also known as Employee Application Form , this is the authorization form to collect certain information from the employee which records the key moments of employee journey.

With Tydy, by filling the form once and sharing your information ensure that you never have to fill any information twice thereby saving your time

And effort.

Getting started with the Form.

  • A forms module is pinned to the top of the page, ensuring it has the highest priority.

  • Do read through the initial page of consent, acknowledge Submit and continue filling the form.

  • The Employee Application form is categorized into three sections which are Personal Details, Education Details and Work experience details before going ahead keep the details handy.

  •  Begin filling your from with personal details and make sure you fill all the details where asterisk is marked as it is important and without filling those you may not proceed further

After filling all the details select Save and Continue to go to the next section.

Now in the next section start filling your education details, if you have multiple education degrees you may select the option Add , upon saving and continuing this section again you will move forward with the next section asking to full up the Work Experience details, after completing them select Submit my information then you will be taken to the page where you can review the details you have provided and if you think some corrections need to be made then select , edit at the particular section.

After making the required corrections, review finally and click on Submit

If the company has statutory documents linked to the smart form, they get generated immediately after.

Based on the policies of the company, the employee may or may not be allowed to edit the form and download a copy of the statutory documents.

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