Tydy Forms: Sharing requested information

Tydy Forms: Sharing requested information

When joining a company (and other key moments in an employee's journey), the company needs to collect certain information from the employee.

Filling forms is a tedious process but with Tydy, companies to request information in a single form to ensure that you never have to fill any information twice.


Filling in the form

Where to find this feature



  • When information is required from an employee or candidate, a forms module is pinned to the top of the page, ensuring it has the highest priority.

  • To start filling the form, the employee can tap the module to get started.

Consenting to share information



  • Every employee is required to provide consent before sharing any information on the form.

Prepare the information you need to share


  • To ensure that the employee is prepared to share all the information, a preview of all the information they will be required to complete is displayed before they continue.

Filling in the form


The employee needs to complete all the information that is required in every section.
To continue to the next section, the employee can click on ‘Save & Continue’.


  • If any information is incomplete or incorrect, an alert is displayed to inform the employee, so they can make the necessary edits to continue and complete the form.

Submitting the form


  • Once all the details are completed, the employee can submit the form.

  • If the company has statutory documents linked to the smart form, they get generated immediately after.

  • Based on the policies of the company, the employee may or may not be allowed to edit the form and download a copy of the statutory documents.


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