Tydy Docs: Sharing requested documents

Tydy Docs: Sharing requested documents

When joining the new organization certain important documents are required from every employee.

You can find this feature over your emails requesting you to upload the documents and a module pinned upon your dashboard , tap it to view the requested documents.

Begin Uploading your documents

After log in to Tydy select Upload Documents from your Dashboard , you will be directed to the document section where you will see the list of asked documents to upload, select Upload to select the specific document

Once uploaded the document , continue uploading the other documents the same way and complete uploading the rest of the documents.

*if you have more documents to upload,select Upload More

*Incase if you want to delete a document, you may select the delete option

After uploading all the documents select Submit all Documents tab above

Your documents will be submitted after selecting this option.

When Upload key documents will be complete then it will no longer be visible on the homepage.

Learn below how to Upload your key Documents

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