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Submit a Change Request

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      When joining a company (and other key moments in an employee's journey), the company needs to collect certain information from the employee. Filling forms is a tedious process but with Tydy, companies to request information in a single form to ensure ...
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      Now that you have added all the content, all you need to do is add a description, tags and turn the status to Active.   Note: If you plan to run this campaign automatically, you will have to change the ‘Active/Inactive’ switch right at the end after ...
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      Here are the steps to add a verification vendor: Step 1: Navigate to the Vendor Directory and then select +Add New Vendor Step 2: Once selected, fill in the details of the vendor in the drawer that is revealed. Step 3: Make sure you select the ...
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      How do I change my password? Please click on your “Profile” section, which is on the left top corner of the home page. Select “Account Setting”.  You may now have to enter your old password following with your new password twice and then update it.   ...