Recruiter Actions

Recruiter Actions

Tydy empowers recruiters and HR teams by establishing a systematic process that ensures a seamless candidate journey. Recruiters handle numerous responsibilities, and Tydy's Actions feature assists them in maintaining an organized and efficient workflow.

Login to Tydy and go to Actions

Below are the list of actions to be performed by recruiter and HR Team .

Different organizations have different recruiter actions depending upon their requirement.

Mark as Present

  • Recruiters can effortlessly mark the presence of new hires on their joining date, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

You can go through the video below for the action Mark as Present

2.  IT Asset Allocation:

Recruiters can use Tydy to efficiently provide IT assets to new team members, streamlining the equipment allocation process.

Laptop Request

Learn to Raise Laptop Request through the below video

3. Buddy Assignment:
  • Assigning a buddy for new employees becomes hassle-free, fostering a supportive onboarding experience.

Assign Buddy

Learn through below video on How to Assign buddy

4. Onboarding Ready:

   Once the candidate has successfully completed all required actions, the recruiter updates the candidate's status to "Ready to Onboard."

Ready to Onboard  video below will give you a quick guide about this action 

Similar to the actions highlighted above, there can be numerous tasks designated for recruiters and HR teams, varying based on the specific process flow of each organization.
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