People Section: Additional Tasks

People Section: Additional Tasks

We will now look at more important actions to be performed by Recruiters in this Section.

Changing the Status of the Candidates

As you login to Tydy , select People section as shown.

Search for the candidate in the filter . Select the candidate and then Click on Edit Selected 
then further click on change status of the candidate to the required status as shown.

Learn how to change the Status of the candidate from the video below.

Deleting the Users

To delete any user on Tydy , search for the candidate in the people section , select the candidate . Click on Edit Selected and Select the option Delete as shown below.

Here is the quick guide in a video form to learn how to Delete users on Tydy. Make sure you take this action after the discussion with the Internal Team

Bulk Editing 

Sometimes recruiter has to update the information for the candidates, this can be done on the people section 
Filter down the candidates according to your requirement , and Select the candidates you want to update the information for.

After selecting the candidates , Select Bulk Edit as shown

Now Select the drop down of change details and select the information you want to update. 

As you select the new location Click on the Update button as shown.

The below video will give you a quick guide for the feature Bulk Editing 

Editing Job Details

Recruiters and Admin  Team have access to edit the Job details of the candidate as per the requirement.
Search for the candidate in People section

Click on the name of employee and Select Job Details

Over here you can see the various details of the employee such as Personal Details, Company Details and Onboarding Details.

As you update the required details click on Save and Update as shown.

Learn to edit the Job details from the Video below

Assigning a Journey to the Candidates

As we have seen in the previous section how to add user to Tydy. You can assign the journeys to new as well as the existing employees.

Search for the candidate in the People section as shown and select the Job details section.

Click on the Assign Journey as shown

Over here you have the list of journeys , Select the journeys you want to assign and Click on the Select tab at the bottom.

Like this you can assign the journey to new employee while adding their details and assign them the desired journey.

Below Videos will give you a quick tour of Assigning the journey to Existing as well as New Employee

Document Download of the Individual Candidate

Candidate documents ae the essential part of the onboarding process, they can be required for the various purpose by the recruiter or HR Admin Team.

To download the documents of the candidate , search for the candidate in the People Section.

Click on the candidate name and select Edit Profile as shown.

Select Download Documents.

 Now all the documents uploaded by the candidates will be downloaded in your device.

The below Video will give you a quick guide for Downloading the Employee Documents

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