Navigating the Control Center

Navigating the Control Center

The Control Center is made of combination of tools & features.

*Based on your level of access ( Manager / Recruiter/ HRSS Team), you will have access to some or all of the features.

  • Insights: Get real-time data on your company, content engagement, and people status from the insights tab.

  • Actions: To ensure all processes flow smoothly, the task manager enables an easy way for all roles that ensure processes get completed, are able to manage & complete tasks assigned to them.

  • People: Let's you add people to Tydy, gives you an overview of everyone on Tydy, and search employees based on various filters.

  • Journeys: This allows you to add and schedule content for each new hire so this is the tab where you can create, view, edit or delete all the journeys.

  • Content: This Lets you see every content piece you have created and shared with your employees as well as search for content based on various filters.




This tab provides you with the highest level of information about the activity of your employees on Tydy. This includes a snapshot of all employees on the platform and the various stages they are at in their journey. You can also download Reports from here.





To ensure all processes flow smoothly, the Case Manager enables a easy way for people in any role that ensure processes get complete, are able quickly action & complete tasks assigned to them. You can do the following:

  • Complete actions assigned to you

  • Approve cases that need to be reviewed

  • Re-assign cases (that have the option)





This is a complete people management section to add/update and manage your employee information and data. You can do the following:

  • Add employees manually, by uploading a .csv or with integration

  • Search for specific segments of employees via filters

  • Update joining status

  • Edit an employee’s work details





Journeys allow you to add and schedule content for each new hire so this is the tab where you can create, view, edit or delete all the journeys you may have created. You can do the following:

  • Create a journey 

  • Add varied types of content to a timeline

  • Edit or delete a journey

  • Create specific targeting criteria for each journey




In this section, you can manage and view all the content you have created. You can do the following:

  • Edit content created in various journeys

  • Delete created content 

  • Send content to direct reports Schedule content to be sent later



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