Learn how to successfully login to the Tydy platform


Lookout for your Invitation Email: Once you accept the offer, you will receive an invitation email with your email address and domain name details to login to Tydy.

Recommendation: Please do check your spam filter or junk mail folder for the invitation email. 


Set up a new password
Follow the steps below to set up a password for the first time to log into Tydy.

  1. Click on Join the Company link given in the invitation email

  2. Enter the email and choose a new password

  3. Confirm password and click on Set Password

  4. Your password will be set

Login to Tydy app, Mobile Browser or Desktop Browser

  1. Choose your preferential medium to access Tydy - App or Mobile Browser

  2. Download the app and login using email and password 

  3. If you click, continue to the browser, enter your email and password once more and click login to enter the platform

  4. For issues such as forgot email, forgot domain name, or lost invitation email, send an email to your company's internal support address.

  5. In case you are still not able to log in, let us know at support@tydy.it. Do help us with some details (like full name, company name, date of joining, HR contact person name, manager name, email address) and we will send you necessary information to access the platform at the earliest.


How often should you log in?

Whenever your company shares content on Tydy, you will receive an email and app notification. Though content can be accessed through the email itself but if more than one document or task is shared, we suggest you log in to the platform and access all of it.

Recommendation: Since all the activity happens on the platform, it is a good habit to log in everyday during your onboarding process so that you can keep track of everything, keep ticking off tasks as you complete them, and also maintain your position on the Leaderboard.