Manual Vendor Allocation

Manual Vendor Allocation

Vendor allocation on Tydy is typically done automatically. However, in cases where the verification rules do not match for a particular candidate, the cases are not assigned to the vendor automatically. These candidates then fall into the bucket of Manual Vendor Allocation.

The image below depicts the Manual Vendor Allocation bucket, where you can find the details of candidates and manually assign their cases to the vendor

You can click on View Detail to see the details of the particular candidate.

As shown below are the case details of the candidate with the Verification checklist

Allocating Vendor Manually

The BGV team will assign this case to a suitable vendor based on the verification checks for the candidate by clicking on "Assign Case". Please note that this action will be performed by the BGV team.

Upon clicking "Assign Case" , you will be presented with a list of vendors. From this list, you can select the appropriate vendor to handle the case of a particular candidate, considering the specific type of checks required.

After selecting the desired vendor, click on "Submit" to successfully add the vendor manually for the case. This ensures the vendor is assigned to handle the candidate's verification process.

To learn how to assign a vendor manually, you can watch the instructional video provided below. It will guide you through the step-by-step process of Assigning vendors manually.

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