Introducing the Employee Concierge

Introducing the Employee Concierge



The Employee Concierge is designed to guide employees through career transitions by surfacing the right content, people and processes at the right time.


Here are a few of the features that enable this experience for employees:

  • Access on any device from anywhere

  • Pre-programmed personalized journeys based on individual profiles (for new hire onboarding, manager onboarding, acquisition onboarding, functional learning, feedback, induction and more) 

  • Digital smart form for easy data capture on any device

  • Module to upload documents on mobile or from any web-enabled device

  • Quick access to key contacts important to their stage in the company

  • Automated messages from the people within the organization

  • A gamified experience for employees with points and leaderboards

  • A searchable archive that makes it easy to go back and search for anything that has been shared in the past. 

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