Introducing the Dashboard

Introducing the Dashboard

Features Creating Employee Experience

After logging in to the Tydy you will be directed to your Homepage where you can view your dashboard, 

The first section includes all the activities assigned to you which includes

  • Pre-Programmed Personalized journeys based on Individual Profiles.

  • Module to upload documents from Mobile or any other web enabled device.

The Priority activities will come up with a due date, make sure you complete them before due date.

  • You will see your Key Contacts, which includes your Manager , HR Manager, Recruiter and a Buddy. Make sure you introduce yourself to your key contacts, get to know them and learn from their experiences in the company.

If you would like to get the contact information of any of your key contacts just select the contact and the you will be able to view contacts profile along with the contact details

  • A Gamified experience for employees with points and leader board.

  It's where you can leave others who are onboarding at this time behind . Complete all your pending actions, collect more points and climb higher. Your Points are the direct result of your participation.

  • Automated messages from the people within the Organization. 

Keep it going!
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