TYDY Control Centre

TYDY Control Centre

Tydy Control center is the central nervous system which helps initiate and facilitate various processes that are managed by Tydy for the Organization.

As you can see in the image above there are various features present in Control Centre listed below :

  • Self-service dashboards for all the roles. 

  • Adding, managing and editing employees Through People Section

  • View & track the progress of individual employees through Insight -People Section.

  • Analytics on engagement & signals to manage employees

  • View real-time responses to Pulse feedback questions through Insights

  • Downloadable reports - Insight -Reports

  • Create & automate journeys for various programs and events through the Journeys section.

  • Schedule questions, tasks and documents to employees by creating Journeys

  • Manage tasks and approvals based on your role & responsibility.

You can go through the below video to have a look on Insight Section

In Subsequent sections we will deep dive more into each feature of the Insights section.
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    Track your Employees

    Your insights dashboard empowers you with real-time data about what's happening with employees at different stages in their journey and how they are being engaged on the platform

     Know more at Understanding Insights !