Getting support from Tydy

Getting support from Tydy

If you're having trouble with access to Tydy.

For any issues during the login process, send us an email at <> with your email address and domain name or simply forward your invitation email to us highlighting the issue and we will help you access the platform sooner than you expect.

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    • Standard Support Process

      The Tydy Support team works in conjunction with your company's internal IT/Support team. Here is how our Standard Support process works. To get help from Tydy Support, your internal team (pre-assigned contacts) can email support(at) Coming ...
    • Create a Support Request

      Please email with your official company email and our team will get back to you based on your request.
    • Internal Support at your company

      While the Tydy will support your internal business/IT teams through support channels, we recommend the following to reduce the reliance on Tydy's support: Internal Support An internal ‘support or help email’ is critical to have to allow anyone using ...
    • Getting access to Tydy as an admin

      Step 1: Get invited to Tydy by the primary Tydy admin. You will receive an email invite to Tydy to get started. New employees will usually receive the invite directly to their personal email accounts. Existing Employees - will usually receive this ...
    • Logging into Tydy

      Learn how to successfully login to the Tydy platform   Lookout for your Invitation Email: Once you accept the offer, you will receive an invitation email with your email address and domain name details to login to Tydy. Recommendation: Please do ...