Earning points & participating in the Leaderboard

Earning points & participating in the Leaderboard

As you go through your journeys and browse content shared, you earn points.



  • Employees are grouped together to create a sense of togetherness and friendly competition via a leaderboard

  • To participate in the leaderboard, the employee needs to complete all assigned journeys and actions assigned to them

  • This earns the employees points, and moves them ahead on the leaderboard


Understanding Points 

  • What are the points on Tydy and why do they matter?
    Points are awarded to you as a reward for completing your tasks, read articles and watch the videos shared by your company. It's not only content but staying engaged on the platform in other ways also gives you points.

    Points currently help you compete on the leaderboard with other employees but over time they will also be used to unlock new benefits for you as an employee.


  • How can I earn points?
    Points can be earned by consuming content (text, image or video) shared by the company or completing certain actions on the platform. Every time you engage with new content on Tydy, there is a potential to earn points.

    Recommendation: Always ensure that you've read all the content that's been shared with you in the Inbox and Dashboard. Make sure you don't leave anything in your inbox 'unread' as this might change the way you perceive certain aspects of your company..

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