Creating task Reminders to Encourage Action

Creating task Reminders to Encourage Action

Task reminders play a crucial role in helping candidates complete their assigned tasks within a specified timeframe. By incorporating due dates for each task, the system ensures candidates are notified regularly until the task is completed.

How Does It Work ?
  1. Example Scenario:

    • Task: An employee is tasked with meeting their HR Manager.
    • Due Date: 3 days.
  2. Implementation:

    • When the above task is created, it is automatically assigned to the candidate on their joining date.
    • The candidate is required to meet their Business HR Manager within the specified 3-day period.

After setting up the task reminders, click on the "Save" tab to preserve your configurations.

By utilizing task reminders, you streamline and encourage timely completion of essential tasks, fostering efficient communication and engagement within the organization.

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