Here you can add pulse questions to your personalized journey. This keeps the engagement lightweight and precise while making it interactive for the employee.


Step 1: The first thing to start with is by selecting Create New. You always have the option to select pre-loaded questions from BROWSE LIBRARY.


Step 2: The next thing to do is to select - Assign to


Depending upon whom the questionnaire is for, you can select the option available from the drop-down.

For Ex: if you would like to ask a question to the candidate's manager, you can select the option "Manager" from the drop-down. The candidate to whom this particular journey is assigned, his/her manager will receive this questionnaire.


Step 3: Once selected, you can start adding your question. Once the question is added, you have 4 options to select through which the candidate/employee will reply. 

  • Star Rating: The candidate gets to rate from the stars available (5 or 10)

  • Yes/No: The candidate gets to choose either YES or NO

  • Input Text: The candidate gets to type the answer in text formate

  • MultiChoice: The candidate gets to choose from the options available

Step 4: Once, you have added your question, don't forget to select Create.