You can also add pulse questions to you the personalized journey,

Journeys in the form of questions can be added to know the feedback from candidates/employees thereby creating an interactive experience.

After clicking on the Create New tab it lets you add the Question at the space 

Add Question here’

The arrow marking on the image below shows Add Cover which lets you add the Image to your Question

You can set the expected answers from the candidate in 4 ways:
  • Star Rating: The candidate gets to rate from the stars available (5 or 10)

  • Yes/No: The candidate gets to choose either YES or NO as an answer

  • Input Text: The candidate gets to type the answer in text format

  • Multi Choice: The candidate gets to choose from the options available.

You can refer to the image below

Once added the questions and selecting the type of answers, click to Save

And you have now successfully added your First Pulse Question