Create a New Personalized Journey

Create a New Personalized Journey

After you select Journeys tab below insights ,moving forward select Create new tab as shown below, you will come across a box asking for the journey name and its trigger time,

You can give your journey a Specific name and the Event Triggers for it to appear can be set as

  • On the joining date: journeys can be made to trigger anytime before or after joining date

  • On specific date : Specific date on which the journey can occur.

  • When criteria matches: when journeys are made to trigger for specific group of employees

Know more about journeys in the next sections....

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    • Create a Support Request

      Please email with your official company email and our team will get back to you based on your request.
    • Adding Content : Documents

      Content can be added to the Personalized journeys in the form of Documents. Documents can be used to Provide Information or to Give instructions, with rich relevant media, which can also be in the form of PDF / E books. You can also Share a video to ...
    • Adding Content in the Form of Questions

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    • What are Journeys?

      Journey as already mentioned is an Employee Onboarding tour which is Unique and needs to be Personalized. Employee onboarding Tour is the process by which a new employee is introduced to their new organization and integrated into its culture, values, ...