Completing your profile

Completing your profile

To complete your profile, start by navigating to your Profile screen.

On the profile screen, select the arrow on the top right corner





Make the necessary updates to your profile and click on Update




Update your profile photo

Select the round icon at the center of the screen above your name. Click on the edit icon, choose an image from your device and it gets saved automatically. 

Recommendation: One of the first things you should do on the platform is choose and add a profile photo which defines who you are and also earn 10 points for doing so.

Add a description

Below the profile picture section, there is a box to add a short bio that lets your colleagues and manager know what sets you apart. Once you have added the bio, click on the update button below to save the changes.

Recommendation: Keep it professional :) 

Connect your social accounts

In addition to the bio, you can also add three social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to your profile. Once you have added the links, click on the update button below to save the changes.

Recommendation: Your social profiles are the first touch point your new colleagues have to know more about your personality, likes and dislikes, skills and achievements. However, this section is not mandatory.

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