Completing and Editing your profile

Completing and Editing your profile

Updating your Profile Photograph

You are now on your homepage , in order to set your profile please select the profile section where you can start by uploading the profile photo by clicking the round icon (name initials at left of home page) as shown below, choose an image from your device and your photograph is successfully uploaded.

It is suggested to begin with uploading your profile picture by earning 10 points increasing your score in the leaderboard.

  • Adding Description and Linking your Social Profiles 

Tell your team, colleagues a little more about yourself by adding your short professional description and let them know what sets you apart,

You may also set up your professional profiles by adding the URL for the same like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Click on the update button at the bottom down right corner to save the changes.

Editing your profile and Changing Password

Sometimes it is required to make changes to your profile. Login to Tydy, and go to profile section .

You can make required changes to this section and then click on Update 

Get help through the below Video for Editing your Profile

For Changing the password , Go to Account settings.

Enter the new password and upon confirming click on Update 

You can also go through the video below for Changing the password.

Hence the password is successfully changed !
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