Begin with BGV

Begin with BGV

Login to Tydy with an Admin account, and select BGV now you are on the Cases Section of BGV.

Here you can check the status of any Candidate by searching them through their name or Email ID.

As you can see the List of three candidates below each case is updated with the detail such as Status , Joining


Their hire Type etc. with the option of Download Report.

 You can have a comfortable view of candidates at every status such as in the image given below we have the Statuses

Of th Candidates with Status such as : In Progress , Closed Cases, On hold Cases, Unclaimed, Offer Drop and Ready to Resume from All Cases .

For Each status you have the access to download the Reports.

If you would like to see the detailed and Unified BGV report of the candidate select the three dots and click on the View Details as shown below.


You can see the Unified Current Status of the Candidate with respect to BGV, which helps you to see all the Details of the Candidate.

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