Begin with BGV

Begin with BGV

We will now see how you can ease your process with BGV in Tydy.

Login to Tydy with an Admin/Recruiter account, select BGV and it will take you to Cases section under BGV.


 Here, you can easily check the status of any candidate by their name or email ID using the search bar. As depicted in the image below, you will find a comprehensive list of candidates with updated details, including their Status, Joining Date, Hire Type, and more. 

Additionally, there is an option to conveniently download the BGV reports of the candidates

You can enjoy a comfortable view of candidates at various stages, as illustrated in the image below. The candidates are categorized into different statuses, including "In Progress," "Closed Cases," "On Hold Cases," "Unclaimed," "Offer Drop," and "Ready to Resume" from All Cases.
For each status, you have the ability to download reports!

In the Video given below, you can learn how yo download the BGV Reports.

If you would like to see the detailed and Unified BGV report of the candidate select the three dots and click on the View Details as shown below.


You can view the unified current status of the candidate with respect to BGV, which provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the candidate's details.

Learn how to navigate BGC and check the candidate's status through the instructional video provided below

We will deep dive more into the background verification features in Tydy in next sections

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