Adding your First Content

Adding your First Content

Once you have added the event trigger and name of your specific journey, you can begin adding the relevant content to your journey which can be anything from 

Questions, Forms ,Tasks, Documents upload etc.

Now you will have to click on ‘Add Group’ which is the basis of particular content trigger

You will come across 3 options here as shown below

  • On the joining date

  • Before the joining date

  • After the joining date

*If you select before and after you will have to specify the exact number of days

In the image given below we have selected ‘Before the joining’ date with number of days specified are 30 for example we would want to send out a group of content 30 days before the joining date for that add 30 and click on Create.

Once you have selected your contents time frame, you will be guided to choosing your content type. Tydy allows you to add a varied content type to the timeline, like Questions, Tasks, Content, Documents, and Upload Key Documents.

In next sections we will talk about Different Content Type.

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