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Raising insufficiency

** Please check out how to claim a case and review employee details: https://help.tydy.co/article/41/claiming-a-case, https://help.tydy.co/article/42/reviewing-an-employee-form-documents

While reviewing the employee details if you come across any incorrect or missing details/documents, you can use this feature. Raising an insufficiency sends out a notification to the candidate and allows them to correct the details and upload the documents again.

Raising an insufficiency: In order to do so, you may select 'Raise Insufficiency' for the form or the documents of incorrect/missing information.


Once selected, you will be taken to the particular section where you must add the document category and add an explanation like shown below. Once done, select 'Raise Insufficiency'.


A notification will be sent to the particular candidate with the explanation to refill the form or upload the documents.