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Approvals - Using Verification Manager

Over here you can manage all background check process approvals for candidates.


All the candidates who need manual approval/check to start their onboarding process show up here. The cases here have 3 different scenarios:

  1. Unique Employee ID not created - This could happen for various reasons. One of them is if the form is not completed by the candidate, or the documents have been submitted due to which the ID has not been created yet.

  2. Mark as WIP (work in progress): This indicates the verification is in progress and this option enables the candidate to onboard before the case is closed. Once 'Mark as WIP' has been enabled then the candidate gets access to onboard.

  3. Approve BGC: Candidates whose BGV is finished but did not get a green signal from the vendor appear in here, where it needs manual approval to onboard those candidates.