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Tydy Docs: Sharing requested documents

When joining a company (and other key moments in an employee's journey), the company needs to collect certain documents from the employee.

Uploading documents on Tydy

Where to find this feature


  • When new documents are required from employees, they receive an email requesting them to upload documents

  • In addition to this they also see a module pinned to the top of their concierge dashboard that they can tap on to see which documents have been requested.


  • A module that reminds the employee to upload documents is also shown on the Profile.

Uploading documents


  • By clicking on the module on the dashboard or on the profile, the employee is taken to the Your Documents section

  • In the Your Documents section, the employee will see all the documents that have been requested from them

  • By clicking on the upload button, they can either take a photo of the documents requested or upload them from their local storage.