Tydy Support Hub

Roles & Permissions

What do you have access to?

The access you have to Tydy is based on your role and responsibilities established within your organization. In general, access to features on Tydy is based on the following factors:

  • Default: By default, all people who get added to Tydy have employee access.

  • Relationship-based: Access of this type is based on the relationship you have with other employees on Tydy. These roles are usually directly assigned to specific employees. 
    Examples of roles this applies to are: Manager, Recruiter or Buddy for another employee.

  • Special Permissions: Custom roles can be assigned regardless of what role the person has. With this you can customize any criteria such as locations, departments, etc.
    Examples of roles this applies to are: IT Teams, HR Shared Services Teams, Security, etc

Your Role: Scope of visibility

Every role has visibility to multiple levels of their reporting line regardless of the location or department they might be part of.