With an admin access, what all can I do on the Tydy platform?
Admin is the first person to join the platform from your company and has access to view and manage both employee and admin view. In a nutshell, an admin can: 

  • Add, edit and delete employees (new hires, managers, recruiters, etc)
  • View and manage active campaigns, by scheduling content to be delivered to your employees on the platform
  • Create, schedule and share content (pulse surveys/polls/short messages/long post/documents) with new hires or managers
  • View insights on the performance of your company, campaigns and employees

Can I add multiple admin accounts?

Yes you can but, you can add one admin at a time.

How do I add another admin to my Tydy account?
If you are an admin on Tydy, you can easily assign admin role to other users. Please follow the following steps to do that:

  • From the left menu, go to People Tab
  • Click on the Add People button on the top right
  • Add details like name and email address and from the 'Access' drop down, choose 'Admin' as an option
  • Once you're done filling in all the required details, click Invite Person

How do I add multiple employees to my Tydy account?
If you have a long list of new hires to add to the account, follow the steps given below:

  • From the left menu, go to People Tab
  • Click on the Add People, chose Multiple user from the drop down
  • You will see a new screen with two steps listed there - Download Sample CSV & Upload your CSV file
  • We recommend that you download the sample CSV, add the employee details required and then upload this document to Tydy

How do I ensure employees are engaged on Tydy platform?
The best way to ensure that your new hires and managers use the platform is to keep sharing content with them on a regular basis. You can also schedule different types of surveys at regular intervals for all the new hires.

If you need help in creating content for your new hires, send us an email at support@tydy.it and we will help you create an onboarding plan which fits your requirements.

How do I manage my company settings? 

  • From the left menu, go to Company Tab
  • You can manage Company Profile, Email Templates, User Roles, and Key Documents from the tab.
  • Make necessary changes in each of these tabs and click save/update button

How do I send a reminder after I have sent out an invite?
You don't have to. Tydy sends 3 login reminders to employees after they have been invited by you. You should also be able to check the Insights dashboard to see which of your employees hasn't logged in.

If your employees are having trouble receiving the invite email, send us an email at support@tydy.it and we will help you sort out this issue.

Can admins edit other users' profiles?
Yes, a person with admin access can view and edit anyone’s profile on the platform.

I shared some content with a larger audience by mistake. How can I delete that?
Okay, do not worry. Please take the following steps: 

  1. Select the Documents tab from the left side menu
  2. Select the content piece that you shared with a wrong audience
  3. Now you have two options: you can simply chose to unpublish or delete the content piece. You can also multiple content pieces in this case.
  4. In case you unpublished the content piece and want to share it again with a new set of audience, take the following steps:
  • Select the content > click Edit > review content > click Next > Choose Audience > Select the list of employees you want to share the content piece > click Next > Choose the author > Send or Schedule the content piece.

I am unable to upload a PDF/JPEG. What could be the issue?
Although we don’t have a preset size limit for a file but check if the file size is bigger than 10 MB. This might be the reason the system is not able to upload it or is taking too long. If you have reduced the file size and are still facing the issue, send us an email at support@tydy.it. We will upload the file for you.

I deleted multiple users from my account by mistake. How can I retrieve those?
Oh no! There is no way the system can retrieve those users. Unfortunately, you will have to manually add those users again by going into the People tab and clicking on the Add People button at the top right.

We don't have a preset onboarding plan or any content specific to it. Can Tydy help with that?
No worries, get in touch with your account manager who will work with you and someone in the content services team to get something designed. You can also simply send us an email at support@tydy.it and we can help you create custom onboarding plans and content. 

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