As you set up your profile for the first time, you will find a ton of things to do here.

Note: The fields may change as per your company’s preference but the default set will at least have the following -

  • Personal Profile
    This section lets you add more details about yourself and your family.
  1. Profile Picture, Bio and Social Profiles: lets you add add your picture, a short personal bio, and your social media profiles.
  2. Personal Profile: lets you add personal details about yourself, like date of birth and gender
  3. Family Information: lets you add details about your parents and spouse 
  4. Contact Information: lets you add your personal and emergency contact person details 
  5. Address Information: lets you add details about your temporary and permanent address.

    Recommendation: It is always good to keep your profile updated with as much information as possible so that the HR team has access to all the relevant data for different policies & benefits and they also know who to contact in case of any emergency.

  • Upload Your Documents
    This section lets you update and save all your documents. Click on Select to choose the document, select document type from the next column and it is saved automatically.

  • Change Password
    This section lets you change your password. Enter your current password, choose a new password, re-type new password, and click on the button (Update password) to save the changes.
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