This section contains details of three different types of content shared in your inbox.

  1. Docs: Any document shared with you by your manager/HR team is stored here. Some examples of docs are: welcome letters, office timings or dress code policy document, company values doc. Documents will be in PDF format or in the native Tydy document format.

    : Do read every document shared with you.

  2. Questions: Any question shared with you by your manager/HR team to know your thoughts, opinion and gather feedback to improve processes is stored here.

    Recommendation: Do try and answer every question as objectively as possible. It shows that you truly care about the company overall.

  3. Tasks: Any task assigned to you by your manager/HR team as your onboarding progresses is stored here. Some examples of tasks are: bring documents on day 1, upload and get your documents approved, schedule a check-in with your manager, etc.

    Recommendation: Try and finish all tasks as quickly as possible and earn 10 points for each of those. Do not click on the icon unless you have completed the task as it cannot be undone.

When do I start seeing content in my inbox?

All content which is shared with you on Tydy eventually appears in the Inbox. Content can appear in your inbox in the following ways:

  1. Directly shared with you: content can be directly shared with you individually or as a workflow that contains a series of content that gets delivered to you on a pre-determined schedule.
  2. Shared through a level-based workflow: when you see content shared with you on your dashboard through a series of levels - the content shared within that only appears in the Inbox view after you have viewed it. 
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