As you log in to your account for the first time, you should be able to see a screen similar to this:

Employee Dashboard

Here is a short description of each section on your dashboard.

  1. Home: the default section you see when you log in to the platform. It provides a quick snapshot of your onboarding journey.
  2. Inbox: the section where you can see everything that has ever been shared with you; usually in three categories—tasks, documents and questions.
  3. People: the section which has details of your key contacts and co-workers.
  4. Points: As you browse content and complete tasks on Tydy, you will earn points. This number is a total of all the points you have collected so far.
  5. Place: The points also allow you to compete with other new employees for a place on the Leaderboard as they go through the onboarding process. This number reflects your place on the Leaderboard.
  6. Content: As your onboarding process starts, your manager/HR team will share documents with you (about the company, your role, office policies, etc.). All those are stored under Content.
  7. Tasks: During the process, you will also be assigned some tasks, for instance, upload your documents, meet your manager, etc. All those are stored under Tasks.
  8. Questions: Lastly, you will be sent some questions to gather your feedback/thoughts on company and its various processes and facilities. All those are stored under Questions.
  9. Leaderboard: It is a weekly scoreboard which shows where you stand among other employees who are onboarding at the same time as you.

    Recommendation: Try to complete all your tasks and clear levels as soon as possible to enjoy the sweet spot of #1 on the Leaderboard. 
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