What is Tydy?
Tydy is a platform to participate in the organization —receive content about your company, know your peers and manager, and give feedback on how you and your company are doing.

Why should I use Tydy?
Here are some reasons why you should use Tydy:

  • Mobile Access: Go through your all the content, tasks and questions shared with youvia an app but also enjoy a seamless experience across desktop and mobile browser.
  • Single Sign-in: Manage everything—sign offer letter, view company videos & policies, contact your manager, submit documents, get them approved, and more through a single sign-in.
  • Inbox: Get easy access to everything your manager/HR team wants you to know (view office policies, view buddy profile) and do (take evaluation quiz, share your feedback) during your onboarding in your inbox.
  • Fun at Work: Everything you do on Tydy, counts and allows you to get into healthy competition with your co-workers—finish tasks, complete evaluation quiz, earn points, and score a position on the leader-board.
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