After you have created your campaign, its time to get it ready for delivery. To do this switch to the settings view by clicking on the Settings tab on top of the page.

Basic settings

  • Campaign Status: This controls whether the campaign is active or inactive. You should turn the status to ‘Active’ only after you have verified all the details of the campaign .
  • Add Tags: To help you identify and search campaigns in the future, we advise you to add tags
  • Anchor Event: This determines the primary event the campaign is designed around
  • Show analytics in insights: By turning this option on you can choose to include/exclude the performance of this campaign in the Insights section

About the campaign settings

  • You can add a description for your campaign which will be visible to employees when they receive it.

Auto-Assign settings

To avoid manually assigning campaigns to every employee when they are added, you can set up a few rules for when you want the campaign to be triggered. Here are the settings you can control to set up automated campaign triggers:

  • Targetting criteria: The rules you set up are based on the information you have about the employee. By default you can set up rules around the employees start date, department, designation, location and roles.
  • Expiry date: If you want the automation to stop on a certain data, you can define that here. Leaving it empty will keep the automation active as long as you use Tydy.
  • Share content from the beginning: By toggling this feature you can control whether the assigned employees receive all content from the beginning of the campaign or only part of it if they are assigned the campaign after the specific start date has already passed. 

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