Above the employee table, you will notice an 'Actions' dropdown. This is where you can find various functions that allow you to make changes to selected employees.

To use this dropdown, simply select the employees in the list using the checkboxes in the row and apply your chosen actions  by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

Here is an overview of the actions available to you:

  • Changing status: If an employee does not join or quits the company, you can select the employee from the table, use the ‘Action’ dropdown and select ‘Change Status’
  • Invite users: If you chose to add an employee but not invite them, you can select the uninvited user from the employee list, and select the ‘Invite users’ option. This will send the employee an invite to join the company on Tydy.
  • Bulk edit: Sometimes you need to make changes to multiple employees at the same time. To do this, you can use the Bulk edit option. Just select as many users as you like and then navigate to Bulk edit in the Action dropdown to make mass updates such as assigning departments, campaigns, managers, buddies, locations, etc.
  • Edit Permissions: If you have employees who you would like to give additional visibility  beyond their default roles, you can use this option. You will be able to give them access to multiple locations and departments.
  • Delete: If you want to delete a particular employee from Tydy you can use this option. Use this option with caution because deleting a user also deletes all their historical activity and takes away their access. 
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