Managers can only see content that has been created by them. So this might be empty if you haven’t shared anything with your direct reports. It is not necessary for managers to send out adhoc content but we recommend sharing something to add a personal touch to your new hires onboarding process. 

You can do the following:

  • Create content, tasks & questions
  • Edit or delete created content
  • Send content to direct reports
  • Schedule content to be sent later
  • Save content to be sent out later

Here are a few recommendations as idea starters:


  • Send a customized welcome note
  • Describe what they can expect on first day 
  • Shoot a quick question to know if they have any questions / concerns about their first day 
  • Make sure they have completed necessary paperwork and other formalities with the HR Team 

Week 1-4 

  • Share anecdotes about your own career and life 
  • Inquire about their aspirations through a short survey 
  • Set up some fun icebreakers as tasks 

2-3 Months

  • Send content like documents, guides, videos related to their skills and role 
  • Ask if they are facing any issues with regard to their role and skills required for it
  • Get feedback on current L&D tools and processes
  • Send out a survey to know how comfortable they are feeling with the role, team, and organization at the end of 3 months 
  • Assign tasks around some of their development areas which you might have identified so far 

3-6 Months

  • Keep them aligned to their personal and company goals via relevant messages, quotes, company news, etc.
  • Let everyone know about any developments in the team or organization
  • Set up some pointed questions that they can answer anonymously when you see them slipping away
  • Do encourage them to share their views on leadership, organizational changes, performance management process through open-ended questions 
  • Break the routine by adding some fun ad hoc tasks for your new hires and have them compete with each other to earn points 
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