Your insights dashboard empowers you with real-time data about what's happening with employees at different stages in their journey and how they are being engaged on the platform.

The Insights section is made of 3 sections:

Highlights Section

This tab provides you with the highest level of information about the activity of your direct reports on Tydy. This includes a snapshot of all employees on the platform and the various stages they are at in their journey. 

You can also view 3 signals of behavior: Haven't Logged In Ever, Slipping Away, and Inactive.

Campaigns Section

We can track engagement over a period of time through campaigns. The two key stats on the Campaigns tabs are average completion rate and average engagement rate with respect to all the ongoing campaigns on the platform.

People Section

With vital stats like last active, number of pending levels and content pieces, you can dive deeper into understanding each employee's journey and performance on the platform.

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