As you log in to Tydy, you should do the following things first: 

  1. Set up your profile
  • Add a photo: From the home-screen, add or update the profile photo by clicking on the round icon at the center of the screen above your name. As you click on the icon, it takes you to the profile page. Click on the edit button, choose an image from your device and it gets saved automatically. 
  • Enter your basic profile details: Below the profile picture section, there is a box to add a short bio that lets your new hires know what sets you apart. Once you have added the bio, click on the update button below to save the changes.

    Recommendation: Keep it professional and encourage your new hires to do the same as well :) 
  • Add your social accounts: In addition to the bio, you can also add three social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to your profile. Once you have added the links, click on the update button below to save the changes.

2. Monitor Onboarding Progress

While Tydy helps your new hires get through onboarding, we recommend you make sure you always stay on top with their onboarding journey and monitor their progress through real-time data.

3. Share Content With New Hires

As a manager, you can always share content (a personal message, a inspiring link or an internal document) with your new hires to coach and motivate them. 

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