With a manager access, what all can I do on the Tydy platform?
As a manager, you can: 

  • See the progress on campaigns for people who report to them
  • View the engagement and activity status of every direct report
  • Approve documents submitted by your direct reports 
  • View campaigns assigned to your direct reports 
  • Can send ad hoc content, questions or tasks 
  • Can view all the people who report to you
  • Can edit hiring information on the direct report profile  

I want to share an article/video with my new hires. Do I need to add it to any of the workflows assigned to them?
No, it is not necessary to add it to a workflow. Click on the add icon (+) on your dashboard at the top left to start communicating with your team via a task, question, or content.

Can I view and edit profiles of my direct reports?

You can definitely view and edit the hiring profile of your direct reports but cannot edit their personal profile. Only employees and admins can edit personal details in a profile.

I see some of my direct reports slipping away. What can I do immediately to engage them?
As you notice someone slipping away, you can immediately contact them through Tydy or in person to get to know the reasons. Start by asking questions about how comfortable they are feeling in their new role, team, and organization. Get them to openly share their concerns with you. 

Why can’t I view stats for other teams?
The product is designed as such that anyone with a manager access can only view data related to their own teams. Please contact your admin if you manage more than one team or if you would like to view stats about other teams.

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