Company Profile

About the company: add details like name, industry and size of the company here.
add your company logo here and tick the button if you wish to display your company/branding name on the platform.
Company Locations:
add names of various locations of your company here.

Recommendation: Do not forget to click Update button at the end of the page for your changes to reflect on the platform.

Email Templates

Email templates are the emails which will be sent to employees and new hires to introduce them to Tydy with a link to join the platform. Click on the subject section or the email body to update the copy. In addition to the text, you can further customize your email and add an image that will appear above the body of the email.

As of now, there are templates for four default roles - new hires, existing employee, manager and buddy.

Recommendation: Introduce Tydy to your entire staff and new hires via the best channel (email, internal messaging platform, blog or intranet update)

User Roles

As of now there are five default roles (Employee, Manager, Buddy, Recruiter, HR Manager) on the platform but you can update the titles of these based on your company preferences. Simply add custom labels against each role and click Save Updates button at the bottom.

Key Documents

Key documents are the options that your new hires will see and submit on their profile. As of now, four documents (Passport, Certificate, Work Visa, Photograph) are added as default options but feel free to add more options based on your requirements.

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