Setup Checklist

Here is the list of things you need to have as we set up your company account on Tydy:

  • Company Name and Logo (a transparent png file of 150px X 150px, less than 3 MB in size)
  • Key Admin contact (name and email)
  • Company Support Email Address (that employees can use in case they need additional help)

    TIP: As we create the company profile for you, please ensure that you start thinking about ideas to engage your new hires and create a plan for the onboarding process.

Getting Started

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work with you to do the following:

  1. Product walk-through & training: Anyone with admin access to Tydy should attend this session where we walk through the Tydy platform with you and your team to make sure you all understand the platform and all its capabilities. 
  2. Set up Company Page: Couple of steps here: work with your account manager and share detail of key admin personnel, customize email templates for each role, define various roles, and finalize the list of key documents.
  3. Review sample onboarding calendar: Your account manager will discuss your current onboarding process in detail and then share a sample preboarding and onboarding calendar with you.
  4. Create and consolidate content: Taking ideas from the sample calendar, start curating/creating content and populate the sheet with your company calendar and content. If you require content support, get in touch with your account manager or work with Tydy's Content Solutions team to start putting together all the content.
  5. Create campaigns: Based on discussions with your account manager, we will either create campaigns based on the content provided by you or will provide training to your team. Tydy's Content Solutions team will also review all the content submitted by you, make suggestions if required and work with you to design and update all the workflows.
  6. Integrations & customization: Based on the requirements and discussions with your account manager, we will set up meetings with your tech team and our engineers to start working on the various integrations, custom forms and company-specific updates.

Recommendation: We have seen that having a cadence to connect with your account manager on a weekly or bi-weekly basis helps identify progress, roadblocks, and adhere to the project plan and timelines.

Preparing for launch

As the launch date approaches, you can expect the following:

  1. Internal Announcement: It's important to make sure that your team and key members understand the importance of deploying Tydy and re-thinking the onboarding & engagement processes. Make sure you prepare a launch message and announcement for these folk. 
  2. Troubleshooting/Support: While you should find most of the content to help you manage your Tydy account here (just search for keywords related to your issue), your dedicated account manager will always be your point of contact when you need any help or support from Tydy. 
  3. Add company-specific data: Upload a master list for locations, departments, managers, admins, recruiters and buddy roles before you start inviting new hires to Tydy. 
  4. Run a Test: Ensure all the workflows are on point and run a test with your admin accounts for each workflow. This is to ensure everyone is ready for their roles on Tydy and it will also show you how different content pieces appear on different devices. 
  5. Add or invite new hires to Tydy: Add new hires manually or do bulk upload for a batch of new hires.


Even though the scope of work and timelines vary with each account, here are the timelines you can expect to get your account ready for use:

  1. Set Up Company Account: 1-2 days
  2. Walk-through: 1-2 hours (online or offline)
  3. Workflows/Content: 15-60 days (based on the amount of content)
  4. Integrations: 1 - 3 months (based on the level of integration)
  5. New Hires Upload: 15-30 mins (this assumes that you have your .csv ready in the recommended format)
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