What is Tydy?
Tydy is a gamified employee onboarding, engagement and employee development platform that brings together content, tasks, pulse questions & surveys to engage, educate and retain employees.

Why should I use Tydy?
Here are some reasons why you should use Tydy:

  • Reduce Workload Through Automation: Create multiple onboarding workflows based on role, department or location, add various types of content (documents, images, videos, tasks, etc.) to workflows once, and let Tydy schedule those for every new hire automatically as per a calendar.
  • Keep Them On Track With Notifications: Put the onus of being on track with their onboarding process on the new hires. You will not have to give them updates manually or keep following up with each employee to complete tasks or answer questions.
  • Increase Engagement: Provide each employee with a personalized experience by giving them the power to complete onboarding formalities on any device at any time, let them learn more about their role, company and processes through micro-content pieces, and make learning fun by letting new hires enter into a competition with their co-workers to earn points.
  • Track Progress Through Analytics: Get real time insights to understand the pulse of your organization and respond with HR programs focused on engagement and retention. 
  • Consulting & Content Services: Work with experts to create bite-sized, mobile-friendly, and engaging content for your onboarding, engagement and ongoing feedback processes. 
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